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Best Affordable Website Design Service: A Fully Managed Solution

Corunit Media Corp. (CMC) designs visually appealing websites for your business that appeals to your target audience and captures the user’s attention. Our approach to web design and development takes into consideration search engine optimization (SEO), user experience, ease of use, and other technical details as an effective and comprehensive solution.

These days, everyone has A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder)

Higher bounce rates

According to a 2015 study by Microsoft to analyze the human attention span, it concluded it dropped a whopping 25% to eight seconds since 2000! Goldfish have an attention span of 9 seconds!

If your website appears outdated or better yet like that business down the road that looks like it’s almost out of business, would you buy from them?

Bottom line, if a user can’t find what they are searching for right away your bounce rate increases and does not result in a sale. Efficacy, consistency, navigation, and the ability to pursue action are key ingredients of an effective website.

Tips for Higher Conversion Rates

Create a great user experience
High Quality Images
Social Proof
Mobile SEO
Guest Blogs
Long Tail Keywords
Online forums like Reddit or WikiPedia
Promote on social media
Ask credible websites to backlink to your site
Sire unlinked mentions
Get listed on
Shared Content

How to improve website ranking?

Understand Your Audience and Industry to gain true insights into who exactly your audience is and why are they searching for the products and services you offer. Knowing your customer and their behaviors are a major key to implementing any strategy. Isolate key characteristics, patterns, or behaviors that are typical. 

Extensive research is necessary to determine the best keywords that determine user intent. What, how and the intended users search to find products or services they are interested in learning more about are important to properly optimize. Consider creating various types of buying personas and determine how each user would search for your products or services.

This will help offer variations of search terms that a buyer uses to find what they want. For example, a prospect searches for “MD for Chronic pain” but in keyword research, you find variations like “MD to treat back pain” or “MD for pain relief” these searches can result in a tenfold increase of users coming back to your site. The deeper you go into research the more “hidden gems” you will find. Pay close attention to shifts in your industry that can change behaviors.

Expert content specialists recommend keywords to target your website. If you want search engines to consider you relevant it is critical to improving your site’s relevance. 

Make sure search engines and potential customers know your business is active by claiming and verifying business listings on the most relevant and trusted online business directories.

It’s important to acquire backlinks to your website that are placed in strategic locations all over the internet. The more trafficked or popular the website the better results. You should target industry sites, news or media sites, niche blogs, and articles, to name a few.

High-quality content is “king” and when it’s relevant to user searches visitors stay engaged making your site more popular which can get or keep your website at the top of the searches. To gain more prospective customers that are interested in your services, create new content and make sure to update outdated content.

How do we measure results? With Data, analytics and reports. Either hire an expert or invest in tools that offer detailed reporting so that you can make better decisions and increase your return on investment (ROI) an expert We provide reporting tools that show businesses at-a-glance how their campaign is performing as well as an in-depth review of all the work we’ve done on their behalf.

Featured Snippets are that box that appears toward the top of a page that answers a search query, shows an image, and points to a website. Do not overlook this.

  1. First, research and choose your target keywords, then optimize the content for them. 
  2. Fix on-page content-make it easy. Give people what they want. Make it easy for anyone to read and for bots to crawl. 
  3. Try to rank for a featured snippet with just about all the content you put out. There is a lot of time and thought that it takes to be successful here. Put in the time or hire an expert.

Trustworthiness measures your brand’s reputation on the net. You can demonstrate it through:

  1. Reviews or testimonials
  2. Case studies
  3. Peer-to-peer referrals where applicable.
  4. Q & A Forums

Without an effective website, you’re losing potential new customers and future business from existing customers.

In this day and age, every single business needs a website that visibly looks great, loads fast, is SEO friendly (search engine optimization), has an effective call to action (CAT’s), and makes it easy to find what a user is searching for. Most importantly, it triggers them to take action!

Google loves when you add content, optimize, and update the design and new features to your site!

Personalize experiences, automate processes, streamline calls to action, and capture more sales.

“Money never sleeps and neither does the internet”

– Ray Correa

How do you Gain the respect of your customers?

Provide exceptional customer service, support, and user experience.
We help businesses succeed online by making them stand out from their competition. Effectively crafted websites speak volumes about your overall value proposition, and some of the other benefits include: 
  • Capture more leads and paying customers
  • Less time is spent answering questions that are clearly stated on your website
  • Position the business as an authority
  • Reduce bounce rates
  • Increase conversions
  • Improve SEO and local presence
  • Each website page should serve as a means of providing helpful and informative content

Free Web Design Consultation

Design starts with a vision, your vision! This is your 24/7 storefront and your feedback is instrumental in how we design the site. We will take the time to understand your expectations, business, and ideal customers. Let us provide you with FREE consultation because you have nothing to lose. We won’t let you down!

Landing Page SEO Optimization

How do we make your landing page convert? We improve your website’s performance with the right components and copy. Our team optimizes your page with the right keywords and web structure.

Web Design & Development

Our team explores fonts, brand, colors , and usability. We also establish creative direction by presenting you with mood boards. Once you have approved the design, we start the development process.
Our website programming includes the conversion of designs into CSS and HTML. Next, we connect the design to the content management system. We input your content and perform browser and functionality testing.


Corunit Media Corp builds highly responsive SEO-friendly websites for much less than competitors catering to niche markets. Generate more traffic and paying customers with an awesome website!

Want A Free Consultation? You have nothing to lose!

This is your 24/7 store front and your feedback is instrumental in how we design the site. We will take the time to understand your expectations, business, and ideal customers.