The Way Your Business Operates and Attracts New Customers

The way your business operates and attracts new customers must continue to evolve dynamically as competition increases. COVID has transformed the way businesses operate and increased the need for digital marketing. Rest assured there will be other major events that will disrupt the way we do business every so often. 

“86400 seconds in a day and  the actions you take are directly correlated to the outcome” – Ray Correa

How you prepare and approach these disruptions will influence your operating results. At some point, you will need to “pivot” and adapt to those changes. If you didn’t pivot in the midst of COVID you probably experienced a dramatic drop in business.

Wouldn’t it be ideal to focus your time on what you do best; running your business? 

Hire Expert Marketers that have proven strategies for Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) channels to:

  • Engage customers using social, mobile, directories, newsletters, webinars, blogs, digital channels, and devices
  • Deliver Your Value Proposition effectively.
  • Illustrate the Five P’s– People, Place, Process, Pricing, and Product
  • Implement an influencer marketing plan to increase customer adoption.
  • Audit, Evaluate, Understand and outperform your competition 
  • Market incentives or promotions for customer loyalty 
  • Gather and analyze detailed data and analytics reports.
  • Create a Customer Service Matrix Map
  • Implement Customer Journey Timelines- acquisition to monetization
  • Strengthen existing relationships with existing customers and referral sources. 
  • SEO Campaigns To Rank Better on Google – Drive more traffic to your site Expect a 3-6 months time horizon for sales to increase and gain momentum.

Here are a few FREE tips to market your business with  little to no monetary investment:

  • Network and/or Partner with other businesses that you can cross-refer.
  • Voice your opinion in highly trafficked areas as much as you can.
  • Create tutorials.
  • Create and publish content optimized for SEO.
  • Host competitions or raffles. 
  • “Register for a chance to win”.
  • Evaluate your competitors and relevant products.
  • Share informative content about important subjects with your perspective on channels that have large numbers of users or viewers.

Provide a great customer experience with competitive pricing to increase volume. Premium pricing should always be accompanied by premium value and the key to getting customers to pay premium pricing is how you position your product or service.

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